Multiplication Decoder Ring

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The Maker of the “Multiplication Decoder Ring” describes her tool as a way to help children learn how to multiply in a fun way using both visual and tactile experience. The Maker explains that, “The idea of turning the wheel and visually seeing the numbers in the times table provides a new visual recall to the student. Instead of visualizing a chart, they can recall a moving object with each click of the wheel producing a new number … [It also] allows the student to explore different methods of learning their multiplication tables.” This concrete, physical experience will reinforce concepts through physical integration of learning multiplication facts. The kinesthetic experience of the tool is very important, as the Maker explains when she says, “Moving the wheel the number of times the student wishes to multiply by keeps them engaged in the thought process and allows them to stay mentally and physically engaged in the learning process…the ability to stack the rings allows the student to compare different times tables to learn the differences and similarities of patterns in times tables.” The “Multiplication Decoder Ring” acts as a powerful tool in helping a student solidify their multiplication fact recall abilities.