No Mas Caídas

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The Makers of the tool “No Mas Caídas” created a manipulative that allows a student to visualize and keep track of their counting. The tool itself has an eye-catching, highly interactive design, and offers the user a dynamic experience as they use marbles to aid in their counting. The Makers say, “The design behind our tool technology [allows] the child to stack whatever piece or object it is that they are working with on top of the other one.” This is important to highlight because the audience can see how this tool would allow students to physically see their work as they add the marbles or any other object into the structure. The elegance and utility of the tool is explained through example by the Makers: “Without having to count all twenty-one objects in total, the student could use the ruler to see almost instantly what twelve blocks looks like against the ruler… It also helps students make sense of number decomposition, as the ruler can help students recognize how the counting numbers are embedded in each other, allowing the student to construct knowledge that will be useful in breaking numbers apart (and together).” “No Mas Caídas” is an exciting, culturally relevant, and interactive tool that engages children and allows them to construct their own strategies and understandings of quantities, addition, and subtraction.